Client planning

See how tax-efficient investments could help you meet the needs of a wide variety of clients.

We have several tax-planning scenarios designed to help you develop appropriate strategies for your clients. To be helpful, we’ve grouped these by both client type and by investment type.

In each scenario you’ll meet an example client and learn about their needs and circumstances. You’ll then see how that client’s financial adviser used tax-efficient investments to achieve better outcomes.

Please bear in mind that nothing here should be viewed as advice. Any suitability decisions should be based on a comprehensive review of your client’s objectives, needs and attitude towards risk.

Example clients

We’ve based each scenario on how advisers tell us they use tax-efficient investments.

Tax planning opportunities

Identify new clients that could benefit from a tax-efficient investment.

Improve client outcomes

See how you could recommend effective tax planning for your clients.

Select a category to explore relevant planning scenarios.