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How do I make a complaint?

Making a complaint

Outstanding customer service is at the heart of everything we do. But that doesn’t mean we get it right every time. If our service doesn’t live up to your expectations, or if you have a client where something’s gone wrong, tell us and we’ll fix it. Here’s what you need to do:

Tell us what went wrong

Write to us

Octopus Investments
33 Holborn

What happens next?

It’s important that we’re given the chance to investigate the complaint fully, and then respond in a way that addresses the concerns raised. We’ll always be fair and reasonable in our approach, and wherever possible we’ll improve things so that it doesn’t happen again.

Some complaints can take longer to resolve, but we’ll keep you updated throughout. After we’ve finished investigating the complaint, we’ll get back with a decision and explain how we’ve reached our conclusion. We’ll do this either by phone, email or letter.

Talking to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Where a complaint is raised by you on behalf of your client, if they’re unhappy with our decision and would like to take the complaint further, this can be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service, which aims to resolve disputes between financial services companies and their customers. We’ll send their details along with our written response to the complaint.

Whistleblowing concerns

If you believe that you have witnessed something which contravenes our standards of personal or business conduct, you can do so by raising a whistleblowing concern. All concerns raised are taken seriously and fully investigated. The identity of staff, suppliers or clients who raise a concern will be kept confidential, and will not be discriminated against in any way as a result of raising an issue. Staff should read the Whistleblowing Policy before contacting to ensure the report is made correctly. 

Reports can be made by email to: [email protected] or by calling 0800 294 6824.