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Tax-efficient investments and responsible investing

Advising on tax-efficient investments when a client has a responsible investing or ESG preference.

Understanding your client’s preferences

A growing number of clients are expressing a preference for responsible investment. But how does this affect recommending the tax-efficient investments we manage?

We teamed up with Square Mile, a respected consultant and research expert in responsible investment, to help you;

  • Write tax business when a client has a responsible investment preference.
  • Understand the responsible investment credentials of Octopus and our investments.
  • Better understand who might be suitable for our investments.
  • Recommend the right product to the right client and document the process you have gone through.

Read our full guide with Square Mile

In this joint guide we cover:

• Practical steps you can take when a client expresses a responsible investing or ESG preference.
• Information on how to approach advising on tax-efficient investments when a client wishes to invest responsibly.
• How we manage our tax-efficient investments responsibly.

Understanding the key terms

We know the world of responsible investing can be confusing. As interest in it has grown, so too has the number of terms used.
Square Mile explains what five of the most important terms mean in these two-minute videos.

ESG integration

Ethical exclusions

Responsible practices

Sustainable solutions

Impact investing

About Square Mile

Square Mile is an independent investment research business that is committed to helping investors build a better future. It works with financial advisers, asset managers and other financial service providers to empower them with the knowledge, tools and support to deliver the best outcomes for their clients.

Square Mile is passionate about the change responsible capitalism brings to the savings market
and to the future wellbeing of the planet and society.

Discover what responsible investing means to Octopus

Hear from our founder on why we’re passionate about building a sustainable planet, empowering people and revitalising healthcare.