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How else we can help you

Some of our best and most used resources to help you make the most of key advice opportunities.

Key opportunities to strengthen your business

We have the privilege of working closely with thousands of financial advisers, as well as industry experts. It means we’re in an ideal position to share best practice and offer support over and above the investments we provide.

Here are some important areas we can support you in.

Intergenerational planning

Discussing a client’s estate is an ideal time to introduce yourself to their beneficiaries and support the next generation with their financial planning.

Professional connections

Working more closely with accountants, solicitors and other professionals can benefit clients and your business.

Intergenerational planning

Estate planning is a family conversation. This creates a natural opportunity to speak with your clients beneficiaries.

These conversations can open the door to a younger generation of potential clients, help you retain assets under advice when a client passes away, and help you provide a better service.

We have several resources you can use to support your intergenerational planning strategy.

Some of our intergenerational planning resources

“What I own and where I keep it”

We created an editable PDF your clients can use to keep a record of their assets and any gifts they’ve made.

The document can be used in the early stages of estate planning discussions, to get clients thinking about their estate, or as a tool for clients who already have plans in place.

We’ll happily co-brand this document with your firm’s logo. Just speak to your Business Development Manager.

How to make the most of the intergen opportunity

Estate planning is an ideal opportunity to have financial planning discussions across the generations. Here are some tips on how you can have effective conversations with your client’s beneficiaries.

Guide to being an executor

A great way to engage with a client’s beneficiaries is to explain their role as an executor. This guide to being an executor will help you explain the probate process and the administration tasks required when a loved one passes away.

“Good intergenerational planning is not just about preparing the money for the children. It’s also about preparing the children for the money.”

Nick Bird, Executive Business Growth Manager at Octopus Investments

Working with professional connections

Having great relationships with accountants, solicitors and lawyers can lead to better client outcomes. It can also increase the referral business you receive.

Our expertise in inheritance tax and in providing tax-efficient investments means we often interact with advisers who have developed strong professional connections. And we’re more than happy to share some tips.

Four ingredients to successful connections

Be highly qualified

Additional qualifications and accreditations from industry bodies, such as SOLLA and STEP, show a willingness to go above and beyond. In many cases, they are requirement to even turn up to the table.

Be a good fit for clients

Advising a client is a very personal service. So professionals will want to match their client with an adviser who will understand them. You’ll want to have a good idea of the type of client you can help best.

Be clear on your proposition

Professionals will want to refer their client to an adviser who has the right specialist knowledge and experience. So be clear about what you bring and where your strengths lie.

Be collaborative

You’ll want to be aware of the needs of your connections. Advisers, for example, are well positioned to provide market commentary or insight into how current affairs might affect people’s finances.

“Successful professional connections are built on solid foundations of trust, communication, empathy, mutuality of interest and reciprocation.”

John Gaskell, Head of Personal Financial Planning at ICAEW

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