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Managed by Octopus Ventures, Octopus Titan VCT is the UK’s largest venture capital trust*. It backs talented entrepreneurs and innovative smaller companies with the potential to make a huge impact on the global stage. We’ve assembled a portfolio of around 50 early-stage companies operating in many different sectors.

* Association of Investment Companies, June 2017.

Some risks to keep in mind

It’s important to remember that investing in VCTs is considered high risk and places your capital at risk. VCTs are not suitable for everyone and you should fully understand the risks involved. We do not offer investment or tax advice, and we recommend you talk to a financial adviser before making investment decisions.

VCT shares could fall or rise more than shares listed on the London Stock Exchange. They may also be harder to sell. You should also be aware that tax treatment depends on your personal circumstances and may change in the future. Tax reliefs depend on the VCT maintaining its qualifying status. Learn more about the benefits and risks on our Octopus Titan VCT product page.

Venture capital trusts explained: a guide and 4 videos

Take a look at our guide to venture capital trusts, and watch these videos to learn more about the benefits and risks of investing in a VCT.

What is a venture capital trust?

Benefits and risks of venture capital trusts: Investing in smaller companies

Benefits and risks of venture capital trusts: Tax reliefs for investors

Benefits and risks of venture capital trusts: Diversification of an investment portfolio


There’s more useful ‘Octopus Titan VCT explained’ content below, but for key documents and other information, visit our product page.

Visit the Octopus Titan product page

Backing Britain’s brightest businesses

Here are two rising stars in the portfolio worth keeping an eye on.

Any company examples are for illustrative purposes only and should not be viewed as an investment recommendation.


myTomorrows is automating the process
to give patients access to safe and approved drugs in the early stages of their development. This can provide potentially lifesaving treatments to patients who have exhausted existing options.

Swoon Editions

Founded in 2012, Swoon Editions offers online-only designer furniture, direct to consumers, at prices significantly less than traditional retailers. It takes an entirely ‘non-traditional’ approach that cuts out inefficiencies.

Want to ask us about Octopus Titan VCT?

Or perhaps you’ve got a question about VCTs in general. We can’t give you financial or tax advice, but give our dedicated Client Relations team a call on 0800 316 2295 or email and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have.

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This advertisement is not a prospectus and you should only subscribe for shares on the basis of information contained in the prospectus, which can be found in the document section on the Octopus Titan VCT webpage. We record telephone calls.