Octopus Titan VCT dividend history

Titan VCT dividends

Date of last update: 31 December 2021

Current net asset value: 105.7p

Cumulative tax-free dividends paid: 95p

May 17 20223p
Dec 20 2021 6p
Dec 20 20212p
Apr 30 2021 3p
Dec 11 20202p
Apr 30 2020 3p
Nov 15 20192p
Apr 29 20193p
Aug 24 20182p
Apr 27 20183p
Aug 25 20172p
Apr 28 20173p
Sep 02 20162p
Apr 29 20167p
Jul 24 20152p
Nov 21 20142.5p
Jul 24 20142.5p
Apr 04 20142.5p
Jul 26 20132.5p
Mar 28 201334p
Jul 27 20121.5p
Apr 13 20121p
Jul 29 20110.75p
Apr 08 20110.75p
Jul 23 20100.5p
Apr 23 20100.5p
Jul 31 20090.5p
Apr 09 20090.5p

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