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Apollo VCT company stories: Veeqo

Helping retailers manage their inventory across multiple sales channels.

Global inventory management software

When Veeqo founder Matt Warren was trying to grow a retail business, he found it difficult to manage multiple orders from more than one marketplace.

He took these frustrations and channelled them into starting Veeqo, a solution for businesses facing the same problem he had.

Veeqo’s software now powers millions of shipments across the globe for its customers. This includes wellknown brands like Brompton Bikes and Dove.

Veeqo’s customers can manage all their orders from one place that updates in real time. It guarantees they will never sell more than they have in stock, and that they can fulfil orders more quickly. This really matters to businesses now. Long gone are the days when physical stores alone were enough to run a retail business, as evidenced by the number of big names that have disappeared from the high street.

Today’s retailers have to be multichannel, selling online, in stores and through mobile applications. Veeqo helps them do that effectively, efficiently and without the worry that they’ll be unable to fulfil orders.

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