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Apollo VCT company stories: Natterbox

Cloud telephony helps growing businesses handle more calls from customers.

Modernising the call centre

If you’re a rapidly growing business and you want more customers to be able to call you, how do you handle the extra calls?

There was a time when a company would have to go to the likes of British Telecom and get some more physical hardware installed on their premises. This was both costly and time consuming.

Then came call centres. They were an improvement, but companies still needed to invest in a lot of expensive telecoms equipment and systems. Natterbox helps businesses increase their call handling capacity at a fraction of the cost and hassle.

For businesses that are growing rapidly, Natterbox offers a phone system that can keep up with them, using something called cloud telephony. All someone needs is a headset, a laptop and an internet connection and they can start handling calls. With an increase in businesses and their employees working from home, Natterbox’s solution has been able to answer the customer need for remote connection.

One of the advantages of cloud telephony is that adding to a system is a matter of clicks, rather than a matter of new equipment, hardware or software. That saves Natterbox customers time and money.

Natterbox is unique in this space because its offering works seamlessly with the customer relationship management software (known as CRM) that customers already use. Among these customers are big names, such as Deutsche Bank, Legal & General, Groupon and British Safety Council. Natterbox now has contracts with over 500 customers across 36 countries, operating from Europe, the US and Asia Pacific.

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