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There’s no place for fast fashion in a sustainable future. HURR is changing the behaviours of fashion lovers everywhere.

What Hurr does

HURR is powering the fashion rental movement by providing a peer-to-peer rental platform, enabling brands and retailers to introduce clothing rental into their business as a managed service on the HURR marketplace. HURR has a zero-inventory model. Brands and retailers provide the stock while HURR handles the complex, less glamorous bit – returns, washing, dry cleaning, repairing, reshipping, and customer support.

HURR’s supply is built through two main channels; partnerships with brands and multi-brand retailers seeking to offer a rental service, and consumers seeking to rent out their wardrobes.

Through working directly with consumers, HURR is able to build a community and rapidly understand fashion trends, which in turn informs HURR of potential future brands to collaborate with. Founder Victoria believes that fast fashion has created a demand for “newness” that has no place in a sustainable future, and HURR works to be climate-conscious at every step of the rental journey.

Why we like it

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of carbon emissions and fashion executives cite sustainability as the single biggest challenge and opportunity for the industry.

We believe consumers’ relationship with clothing is changing. In today’s world of fast fashion, retailers sell only a fraction of their inventory, and consumers keep their clothes for about half as long as they did 15 years ago. As a result, the clothing industry has become associated with greenhouse gas emissions and wasteful practices. The next generation of consumers are leaning into sustainable consumerism, care about the environment and are more willing to rent clothes instead of owning their own wardrobe.*

HURR aims to reinvent what ownership means for consumers by offering the first full-stack fashion rental solution in the UK. Victoria and her team have partnered with over 50 high-quality, exclusive brand partnerships on the platform, as well as a Selfridges white label partnership

What our fund managers say

“HURR provides a solution for retailers and brands that highlights the strategic importance of rental and, in time, will significantly reduce the amount of apparel being manufactured. Victoria’s vision of a more sustainable future is inspirational, and aligns deeply with our purpose as investors.”

Rebecca Hunt, Partner, Octopus Ventures

Who we are backing

Victoria Prew – Co-Founder and CEO. Victoria is the face of the brand and a thought leader in the fashion rental space. Her superpower is selling the brand and communicating the ‘why’ for rental to partners, customers, and her team. She was previously a Chartered Surveyor for Knight Frank.

Lauren Roberts – Growth. Lauren is the ex-Group Strategy Director at Selfridges Group, with over 10 years’ experience in retail. She brings a wealth of strategic knowledge and balances Victoria’s bold vision with a level-headed approach.

This company example is for illustrative purposes only and is not an investment recommendation.

*WSU insider – Gen Z willing to rent clothes to reduce waste, August 2021.

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