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A unique blood-based diagnostic test for the earliest possible detection of cancer and genetic mutations.

Funding stage: Series A+

What Biofidelity does

Biofidelity’s mission is to provide access to precise cancer diagnostics for all patients. They’ve developed a unique blood-based diagnostic test for the earliest possible detection of cancer and genetic mutations, including melanoma, liver, kidney and breast cancer.

They can detect these DNA abnormalities, even when the concentration of the cancer or mutant DNA is too low to be picked up by existing diagnostic methods.

Why we like it

Biofidelity’s three-hour rapid test is low cost, has higher sensitivity than other tests and can be run on standard PCR machines, common in all hospitals. It could allow the earliest possible detection of cancer, up to 18 months earlier than methods currently used, and enable real-time monitoring post diagnosis. This should reduce the cost of treatment, improve patient outcomes and significantly help to reduce the burden on healthcare systems.

What our fund managers say

“We’re not only excited by the disruptive and innovative technology that Biofidelity has developed, but also the multi-billion-dollar market opportunity for the application of the technology and the huge impact it could have on patient outcomes.”

– Luke Hakes, Partner, Octopus Ventures

Who we are backing

Biofidelity’s CEO, Barnaby Balmforth, brings over a decade’s experience in genomic technology development to the company. With an academic record taking in a Masters from Oxford and a PhD from Cambridge, he’s previously served as COO at Base4, and is co-inventor of the company’s core technology.

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