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Inheritance tax toolkit for advisers

Educate and nurture clients with these inheritance tax (IHT) resources when having conversations about estate planning.

IHT tools to help you move conversations forward with clients

Inheritance tax calculator

How much wealth will pass to loved ones?

Use this calculator in your conversations with clients to show the potential impact of inheritance tax and allowances.

Help illustrate why it’s important to take action.

You can download a PDF of the calculation to share with your clients.

Untangling inheritance tax guide

Simplify inheritance tax for your clients with our guide. It has been used in thousands of adviser-client conversations.

If you’d like any physical copies to send to clients, please get in touch.

Inheritance tax explained

Our video will help your client understand inheritance tax in five minutes.

Explaining Business Relief to a client

Business Relief explained

Use this video to help your clients understand Business Relief (BR) in five minutes.

Preparing and involving the family

What I own and where I keep it

We created this editable PDF so that your clients can keep a record of their assets and any gifts they’ve made.

Our handy document can be used in early estate planning conversations to get clients thinking about their estate. Or as a tool for clients who already have plans in place.

Get in touch with your Business Development Manager to co-brand this PDF with your firm’s logo when you give it to clients.

Guide to being an executor

Our guide to being an executor can help you have conversations with a client’s beneficiaries.

Contact us for physical copies or you can read it online.

Marketing estate planning to clients

We have five retail-friendly IHT articles you can use in your marketing and communications with clients. If you’d like any of these articles in Word, give your local Business Development Manager a call.

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