The Estate Planning Show

Our first ever Octopus Live Online brings you the very best IHT knowhow from leading experts. Join us live from wherever you are.

Tuesday 12 & Wednesday 13 May, 10:00am

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We’re coming to you live from our at-home studios, sharing insights we’ve gathered from thousands of conversations with advisers. If you’re looking to help more clients with their estate planning and want to hear practical information, engagingly presented, then make sure you tune in. We look forward to welcoming you.

Risks associated with BPR-qualifying investments
One of the things we’ll be talking to you about is how Business Property Relief could be a useful estate planning tool for some clients. When it comes to BPR-qualifying investments, you should remember that the value of an investment, and any income from it, can fall as well as rise. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and could change in the future. Tax relief depends on portfolio companies maintaining their qualifying status.


Our full two-part series, The Estate Planning Show, is packed with practical content to help support your CPD requirements.

Expert advice

Our events are presented by industry experts. We champion process over products, focusing on the scenarios advisers face every day.

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We’re running each episode of The Estate Planning show twice. Simply choose the time that works best for you on registration.

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Episode one: Positioning estate planning with clients who could benefit

This episode covers the IHT landscape and the opportunity it presents. Discover how to match the right clients to the right products and learn to identify clients who could benefit from an estate planning conversation.

Sally Boyle
Area Sales Director

Nick Bird
Executive Business Development Manager

Episode one schedule

Tuesday 12 May

10:00 – 11:00am

Episode two: Understanding the detail and writing business

This episode looks in more detail at how BPR-qualifying investments work. We’ll get under the bonnet of the Octopus Inheritance Tax Service and look at the steps involved in writing the business.

Sally Boyle
Area Sales Director

Jess Franks
Head of Tax

Robert Skinner
Head of Octopus Inheritance Tax Service

Nick Bird
Executive Business Development Manager

Episode two schedule

Wednesday 13 May

10:00 – 11:00am

Our presenters

What advisers say about our events

“One of the most useful and effective presentations I have attended for a long time. At last a company is starting to think about the IFA process, not just products.”

“Well presented and came away with some new ideas.”

“Great event as always from the Octopus Team.”

“Gave me food for thought regarding my client bank and building the relationships with them and their families.”

“Thank you very much for a brilliant event as usual – very informative and engaging.”

“Many thanks for an enjoyable and informative event.”

Event Q&A

What is Octopus Live Online?

Octopus Live is the collective name for the roadshow of events we run every year for advisers, covering a variety of topics related to tax-efficient investments. You may have been to one before. For obvious reasons, we’ve had to ditch the roadshow format this year. Cue Octopus Live Online: the same quality of insights and discussion brought to you from a safe social distance.

What is Octopus Live Online about?

The Estate Planning Show takes everything we’ve learned from our annual Octopus Live inheritance tax events, and beams it into your home. The show is made up of two episodes. Episode one covers the IHT landscape and the opportunity it presents for advisers. In episode two, we look at the more technical, under-the-bonnet considerations for writing business.

Why are you doing Octopus Live Online?

We’ve spoken to thousands of advisers this year about the opportunities in the IHT landscape. As a way for an adviser to add value, estate planning is hard to beat. It presents a huge advice opportunity for existing and new clients. We care about supporting you to provide great financial advice to clients, so we wanted to share everything we’ve learned with you.

Where and when is The Estate Planning Show?

The Estate Planning Show is a free online event that you can join from wherever you are. There are two hour-long episodes: episode one airs on Tuesday 5 May, and again on Tuesday 12 May; episode two airs on Tuesday 12 May, and again on Wednesday 13 May. Each episode runs from 10:00 to 11:00am. On registration, you can choose the dates that suit you best.

Who should attend The Estate Planning Show?

The Estate Planning show is for advisers and paraplanners who are keen to understand more about how estate planning and BPR can help their clients plan for their financial future.

Episode one looks at how advisers can unlock more estate planning conversations with more clients, different client scenarios you’re likely to encounter, and how to go about matching the right estate planning solutions to the right clients.

Episode two looks in depth at what to consider when choosing an investment that qualifies for inheritance tax relief. How is the service designed? How well is it set up to provide liquidity? What about diversification?

How many people can attend and how much will it cost?

The Estate Planning Show is free to attend. We’re excited to welcome as many of you as possible. And the fantastic thing about remote events is the lack of venue capacity, so the more the merrier.