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Net Zero Week: We’re committed to cutting carbon for good, here’s how you and your business can do it too

30 Jun 2022 Reading time: 4 mins

An unforeseen global pandemic sprung us into action. And by working together, the world has made advancements
in technology and healthcare that would otherwise have taken decades.1

Yet climate change has been passing us by for quite some time, and we continue to sleep on it. The same urgency and collective action is needed to tackle global warming. That’s if we’re to do something about the one million species facing extinction, the 75 million children suffering food insecurity, the 151 million tonnes of ice melting each year, the 200 million homes that will end up below sea level2

We’ve set a net zero target of 2030 and to achieve this, we must reduce our carbon emissions to as little as possible (in line with a science-based target) – it sounds like a big task, but collective action is the answer.

What we’re doing

Did you know that the estimated carbon footprint of the world’s richest 1%, could be up to 175 times larger than that of someone in the poorest 10%?3

Businesses like us have the money, power and expertise to make a real impact in the fight against climate change.

That’s why we choose to invest in companies that are helping to build a more sustainable planet, whether that’s in renewable energy, real estate or technology.

We’re also one of very few financial services companies to have achieved B Corp certification – it’s like a fairtrade coffee stamp but for businesses. We believe there shouldn’t be a trade-off between doing good and making money, so your clients can rest assured their investments are helping to create a brighter future.

During Net Zero Week, we’ll be sharing with our employees and customers ways in which they can join us in reducing their own carbon footprint.

You can find out more about our own journey to net zero here.

What you can do

We’re making all the adjustments possible to lower our carbon emissions and become more energy efficient. Check out some of the ways you can make your office more climate friendly too:

1. Give your tech a second chance

The world produces as much as 50 billion tonnes of e-waste every year – that weighs more than all the commercial aeroplanes ever made!4  So next time you or a colleague are having troubles with your tech, try your best to get it fixed, or rather than chucking it out, find a company that will buy old gadgets. If it’s new tech you need, our portfolio company Raylo, can hook you up with something fresh you’d never know had a previous owner.

2. Power to the plants

It’s healthier, more carbon efficient and cheaper to eat plants! If you have catering at your office, encourage the provision of plant-based options, and make sure any meat or fish is sustainably sourced. If you prefer to bring in your own food, or you work remotely, our portfolio company Allplants can deliver delicious vegan meals to your door. The meals are prepared in their fully renewable energy-powered kitchen and packaging is 100% upcycled. Allplants are also committed to tackling food waste and like us, are part of the B Corp community.

3. Digital first

To reduce the amount of paper you use, try and move as much of your client communications online as possible. Something else we’re doing to cut down on paper usage, is the introduction of digital business cards via the company, Blinq. These can be instantly shared via email, text, social media or by scanning a QR code.

4. Keep it on the low

To ensure your office is energy efficient, keep your water and electricity consumption to a minimum. We’ve reduced the amount of water coming out of the taps in our bathrooms and fitted sensors to ensure none is wasted. Lighting can also be sensored to reduce the time they’re on – plus we’ve dimmed ours by 20% to further improve energy efficiency.

5. Travel green

Consider how you tend to travel between the office and client meetings. It’s much more carbon efficient, beneficial to your health and helps to reduce air pollution if you choose to walk or cycle. You could encourage your colleagues to do the same by implementing a cycle to work scheme. For longer journeys try an electric bike, using public transport, or if it’s a car you really need, consider going electric for your next set of wheels.

Hopefully you’re able to incorporate these simple suggestions into your daily lives and in your offices. We’re keeping the momentum going beyond Net Zero Week, as we continue our journey to becoming fully net zero by 2030.

Take a look at our commitment to cutting carbon here.