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Looking to sell your VCT shares?

If you’re thinking about selling your VCT shares, you’ll find more information here about the process as well as the documents you need.

Remember, VCT shares need to be held for the minimum five-year holding period (as set by HM Revenue & Customs) to retain the upfront income tax benefits. If we receive a buyback request before your shares are five years old, we won’t hold your shares until they are. We’ll action your request at the next available share buyback.

This should not be regarded as investment advice. Octopus can’t offer financial advice and we strongly recommend talking to a financial adviser before making any investment decisions. If you have any questions, please call us on 0800 316 2295.

The six month rule

Please note, if you sell shares in a VCT within six months of buying new shares in the same VCT, you won’t qualify for income tax relief on the new shares. However, if you sell shares in one VCT and buy shares in a different Octopus VCT (including any other VCT), you might be eligible for immediate income tax relief on the new shares.

Thought about reinvesting?

As a loyal shareholder, you’re eligible for a 1% discount on the initial fee if you make an investment. If you decide to reinvest into another of our VCTs, you could claim up to 30% upfront income tax relief and benefit from tax-free dividends and growth. You can find more information on reinvesting here.