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Frequently asked questions

My share certificate(s) has (have) an old address on, which one(s) should I use?

You should use the new address although this needs to match the address that the VCT’s registrar (Computershare) has on file for you. If you haven’t updated Computershare with your new details since you moved address you should call them on 0370 703 6324 to notify them of the change before sending us anything.

I have multiple certificates for the same VCT, does that mean I need to fill out multiple CREST forms?

Fortunately the answer is no. On the CREST form you just need to state how many shares you wish to sell. If you’ve got multiple share certificates you can just add the number of shares together.

I have multiple investments and don’t know how many shares are through the five-year minimum holding period?

Don’t worry, give us a call on 0800 316 2295 and we’ll be able to let you know how many shares you hold past the five-year minimum holding period.

What if I only want to sell some of my shares?

Indicate how many shares you would like to sell and send us the relevant share certificate(s). We will sell the number of shares indicated and a new certificate for the remaining shares will be subsequently issued to you within the space of a few weeks.

I think there’s been a merger, are my original certificates still valid?

All of our VCTs have been through mergers. When VCTs go through mergers we provide new share certificates to investors. For example, if you held certificates in Octopus Titan VCT 1, 3, 4, and 5 you should have received a new share certificate in December 2014. When replacement certificates are issued the originals are no longer valid.

How long after the buyback will I receive funds?

Once you’ve received a sale confirmation letter, the BACS payment should be received within five – seven working days.

Why do I need to send original valid certificates and forms?

VCT holdings through Octopus are known as a certificated holdings. The original share certificate is proof of ownership and therefore required to sell the shares. The CREST form is used by Octopus to transfer the shares from certificate format into our CREST account to then sell the shares on your behalf.

Why can’t we scan the forms over to you?

The CREST office and registrar for the VCT will only accept original valid share certificates and CREST forms to complete the share buyback.

How do I replace my share certificate if it has been lost?

Please contact the VCT’s registrar (Computershare) on 0370 703 6324 and they will issue you with a letter of indemnity to replace the certificate.

How much does it cost to replace a share certificate?

The cost will vary depending on the VCT and the value of the share certificate. Please contact the VCT’s registrar (Computershare) on 0370 703 6324 for the costs.

How long will it take for the share certificate to be replaced?

Once Computershare, the VCT’s registrar, has received the completed letter of indemnity it takes them ten working days to issue the new share certificates. These will be posted to you.

Can Octopus email me with my missing share certificate?

We do not have copies of the missing share certificates. Octopus cannot issue share certificates for the VCT. The share certificate register is maintained by the VCT’s registrar, Computershare.

Can the letter of indemnity be emailed to me?

This is posted directly by Computershare, the VCT’s registrar, to you. A wet signature is required on the letter of indemnity.

What are the dates for the next buyback?

The buybacks are at the discretion of the Board of the VCT and usually take place each month when the VCT is in an open period (only relevant for Octopus Titan VCT and Octopus Apollo VCT). Please call us for the next buyback dates, we do recommend you send us your completed forms as soon as possible though to avoid missing out. This is to avoid disappointment if the dates for an anticipated buyback are revised, for example.

How long does it take to sell the shares?

This depends on the VCT being open for share buybacks but the shares are normally sold one week from the monthly buyback deadline and then funds paid out between five to seven working days from the date the shares are sold.

Will I receive confirmation once the buyback has taken place?

You will receive contract notes once the shares have been sold and this is normally posted the same day the funds are sent via BACS.

What happens if I complete the forms in blue ink?

This is fine.

Do I detail the monetary amount I would like to withdraw on the CREST form or the number of shares?

On the CREST form you need to write the number of shares you are selling in both numbers and words in the appropriate boxes. There’s an explanation of this in the guide.