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Inheritance tax is a complicated topic. Our tools are intended to help you understand some of the key areas as an easy to use starting point.

A guide to inheritance tax

Take a look at our simple guide, which explains some of rules about inheritance tax and estate planning options that you might wish to consider. This guide is only a starting point, and none of the insights you glean from us substitute a conversation with a professional adviser.

Read our guide to inheritance tax


Your home and inheritance tax – use our handy calculator

The Government introduced a new allowance – the residence nil rate band (RNRB) – in response to the fact that increases in property values had taken more and more people over the £325,000 threshold at which inheritance tax becomes payable. But it’s not always easy to find out how much the RNRB will be of benefit to you. That’s where our online calculator can help.

Use the home and inheritance tax calculator


Find your local adviser

We hope the information you’ve explored through our inheritance tax tools will give you plenty to discuss with a professional adviser. Their expertise will be essential before you decide to make an investment. So the next step is to find a financial adviser in your area.

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Please read

Our inheritance tax tools have been prepared in good faith and are based on our understanding and interpretation of the current law, which may change in the future. We don’t provide tax, legal or investment advice so while we have tried to make inheritance tax simple, this is not intended to take the place of professional advice. An adviser can take your personal circumstances into account and can give up to date advice based on the rules at the time.

Our estate planning solutions are not suitable for everybody, so be sure to read the risks, which we detail on the relevant product pages.