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Annual and interim reports

Twice-yearly review of a VCT’s performance, including financial statements and other shareholder information.

Application forms

Forms to complete when you make a new investment or ‘top up’ an existing investment with us.


Comprehensive product information that should always be read and understood before deciding whether the investment is right for you.


Regularly published updates that shows performance.


Helpful explanations that make our investments easier to understand.

Key information documents

Product overviews

A summary of an investment product, including key benefits and risks to consider.


Legal information issued every time a new VCT share offer is launched.

Regulatory information

Information announced to the London Stock Exchange, such as details of dividend payments and new share offers.

Sales aid

Supplementary Information Document

Supplementary prospectus

Terms and conditions

Important information about an investment that you should always read before deciding to invest.

VCT circulars

A brief note sent to investors whenever there’s an important update on their VCT.