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Inheritance tax is a complicated topic. Our tools are intended to help you understand some of the key areas. They’re easy to use, and can act as a starting point for providing specific advice for your client.

Gifting calculator

Making gifts to reduce inheritance tax liabilities takes time to be effective. Our new calculator helps show the impact that making gifts could have on the inheritance tax due on your client’s estate, and when they might start to see a benefit.

Use our gifting calculator


Residence nil rate band calculator

The residence nil rate band was introduced to help parents leave their home to their children free from inheritance tax. But not everyone’s estate can fully benefit from it. Our easy-to-use calculator can help you see where your clients stand.

Use our RNRB calculator


A guide to inheritance tax

Our straightforward guide can help clients gain a better understanding of inheritance tax, and discover ways they can reduce inheritance tax liabilities. We’ve designed this guide specifically so you can share it with clients and walk them through their options.

Read our untangling inheritance tax guide


Can we help you?

Our Business Development Managers cover the whole of the UK. So when you need to talk about how we can help you and your clients, we’re never far away.

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Please read

Our inheritance tax tools have been prepared in good faith and are based on our understanding and interpretation of the current law, which may change in the future.

Nothing on this page constitutes investment, tax or legal advice. Our estate planning solutions are not suitable for everyone, so we recommend investors speak to a financial adviser, and read the relevant product brochure, which are available on this site, before deciding whether to invest.

A tax adviser will be able to take your client’s personal circumstances into account and give up to date advice based on the legislation in place at the time.