Inheritance tax tools It's often difficult to understand how inheritance tax might affect us. So we created some simple online tools which can help you show your clients what's important for them.

A guide to inheritance tax

A great starting point for anyone worried about their inheritance tax liability. Our simple guide, which explains some of rules about inheritance tax and the estate planning ideas to consider, is designed specifically to help you walk your clients through their options. We want to make the subject of inheritance tax more accessible for the everyday investor. Our guide can help people take the initiative.

Download our guide to inheritance tax

Residence nil-rate band calculator

The Government introduced a new allowance – the residence nil rate band (RNRB) – in response to the fact that increases in property values had taken more and more people over the £325,000 threshold at which inheritance tax becomes payable. But the RNRB won’t necessarily benefit your clients. Guide them through the RNRB’s impact on their estate’s liability with our simple online calculator.

Assess the benefit of the RNRB for your client

Find your local BDM

Our Business Development Managers cover the whole of the UK which means we can support you, wherever you are. We want to help you deliver the best advice to your clients. So once you’ve found the BDM in your area, please get in touch.

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A tax adviser will be able to take your client’s personal circumstances into account and give up to date advice based on the legislation in place at the time.