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Helping you plan for when a client passes away

The Octopus Intergenerational Planning team can support you before and after a
client dies, and help strengthen your intergenerational strategy.

How can we help

The Octopus Intergenerational Planning team can support you in a number of ways.

Point of contact

We’ll work with you, beneficiaries, and executors to keep everyone updated throughout the probate process.

Smoother probate

We make sure relief from inheritance tax is claimed when a client dies holding one of our investments.

Advice opportunities

We can provide you with the tools to help you advise the clients beneficiaries.

Wealth transfer strategy

Long before a client passes away, we can help you develop a strategy to retain assets and protect the value of your business.

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Meet the Intergenerational Planning team

Jasmine Christy

Jasmine Christy

Intergenerational Planning Manager
Barnaby Osborne

Barnaby Osborne

Intergenerational Planning executive
Rufus Hall

Rufus Hall

Intergenerational Planning Associate

Why it matters

Getting intergenerational planning right is key to protecting the value of your business. Estate planning is a natural opportunity to deliver great outcomes for clients and unlock the chance to work with the next generation.


Protect assets under advice when wealth transfers to beneficiaries.


Take on members of the wider family as new clients.

Duty of care

Prepare your client’s beneficiaries for their inheritance and ensure probate runs smoothly.

Increased valuation

Firms that retain assets while taking on younger clients should increase the value of their business.

Since 2017, the Intergenerational Planning team has helped advisers retain more than £225 million in Business Relief assets.

This represents 1,700 beneficiaries of our inheritance tax investments who advisers have been able to take on as new clients.

Source: Octopus Investments, September 2022

Helpful documents for intergenerational planning

Guide to being an executor

Use this with your client’s beneficiaries to explain their role as an executor. It runs through the probate process and what they’ll need to do.

“What I own and where I keep it”

An editable PDF your client can use to keep a record of their assets and estate planning. Fill it in with your client and use this as an opportunity to involve the wider family.