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Octopus Live Online: Tax planning in today’s economy

A lot has changed over the past two years. From rising inflation, to falling and volatile listed markets, clients have been impacted in a number of ways.

Duration: 47mins
On demand webinarTax-efficient investmentsCPD activity
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Estate planning with confidence

Watch this webinar to get confident with estate planning and make the most of this opportunity.

Duration: 1hour 1min
On demand webinarBusiness ReliefVenture Capital TrustsCPD activity
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Planning opportunities for clients who own a business

Our in-house experts discuss ideas that can maximise the planning you do for business owners. And you'll hear from advisers on the planning they’ve put in place for business owning clients.

Duration: 54mins
On demand webinarCPD activity
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Helping clients overcome investment fears

In this episode we were joined by behavioural finance expert Greg Davies for practical tips on helping clients overcome the fear of investing during times of uncertainty.

Duration: 1hour