Octopus Cash

Helping savers and businesses find competitive interest rates for their cash savings

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Octopus Cash

Helping savers and businesses find competitive interest rates for their cash savings

Octopus Cash helps savers get a better interest rate on their cash, without the hassle of regularly switching banks. We spread funds across multiple partner banks, which maximises the protection they get from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

IMPORTANT: Octopus Cash is no longer accepting new deposits

We have taken the decision to permanently stop all new deposits into Octopus Cash. All existing deposits will continue to be managed by us until they mature, at which point they will be paid back to you.

Important considerations

No access before end of term

You should be aware that Octopus Cash has fixed- term and notice account options. Savers who select a fixed-term savings account won’t be able to access their deposits before the end of the term. Savers who require access to their deposits can use our notice account option.

Other accounts at partner banks

Only £85,000 of savings at each partner bank will be covered by the FSCS. If a saver currently saves or chooses to save with any of them in the future, money held directly at the banks will be covered ahead of money held with Octopus Cash.

Fees and charges

Savers pay no direct fee for using Octopus Cash. Octopus Cash takes a fee directly from our partner banks.

Account types

Fixed-term accounts

We offer 6-month, 12-month, 18-month and 24-month fixed-term accounts.

  • Savers get a fixed interest rate for the whole term.
  • At the end of the term, we automatically offer the best available rate from our partner banks, making it easy to roll over.
  • Interest is calculated daily and is paid at maturity.
  • Available for individuals, businesses, and all entities

35-day or 95-day notice account

No fixed term. Savers can give 35 or 95 days’ notice to access their money.

  • The interest rate is variable, meaning it can go up and down. We give the full term amount plus 14 days notice of any interest rate changes.
  • Interest is calculated daily, and paid into the Octopus Cash account each month.
  • Available for individuals and businesses.

Key documents

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