Deniz Sevincer

Co-Head of Institutional Funds

Deniz is Co-Head of the Institutional Funds team, responsible for leading Octopus Group’s institutional fundraising from investors globally.

In his role as Co-Head, Deniz oversees the management and structure of new funding rounds, including onboarding new investors.

Deniz joined Octopus in May 2014, working on institutional fundraising and strategic acquisitions in the renewables team. He then became Director of Project Management in the Institutional Funds team in January 2018, supporting fundraises across Octopus, before being made Co-Head of the team in January 2020.

Prior to Octopus, Deniz worked in Commerzbank’s structured finance team and arranged project finance for a renewables developer. Deniz has a Masters degree in Finance from the University of New South Wales in Sydney and is a holder of the CFA professional designation.