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Today, we’re already making a considerable contribution to the UK’s energy supply:

  • We’re the UK’s largest investor in solar farms – producing enough electricity to power homes in a city the size of Manchester.
  • We’re also big investors in wind generation and anaerobic digestion plants, which use the natural breakdown of plant waste to make electricity.
  • We also invest in ‘smart technology’ and reserve power businesses that are helping to provide flexibility in the energy system.

Octopus Energy: a new breed of energy supplier

With all this energy at our disposal, it seemed logical to launch our own digital energy supply business. At Octopus Energy potential customers can switch supplier in less time than it takes to boil an egg. So far, the fastest switch has taken a lightning-quick 53 seconds. Why not get a quote yourself and see if you can set a new record? On your marks…get set…quote!

Meet the Energy team