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All loans on the Choice platform are secured against property and arranged by Octopus Real Estate. The team has lent more than £4 billion across over 3,000 loans.

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All information at 30 April 2021

Loan to value

Loan to value (LTV) is an important measure of risk for secured lending. Octopus Real Estate looks to arrange loans at conservative LTVs.


Average LTV


Minimum LTV on platform


Maximum LTV on platform

All information at 30 April 2021

Managing access to your investment

It’s not unusual for some loans to become late paying. Because this affects your ability to withdraw, we try to limit your exposure to any one loan.


Average maximum exposure to a single loan*

5.28 years

Average loan term

*Assumes above £100 current investment

All information at 30 April 2021

Current lending mix

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Data shown as at 30 April 2020

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Data at 30 April 2020.

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