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What the Octopus Inheritance Tax Service does with investors’ money

Your money will be placed in a discretionary portfolio service run by Octopus. This means we use the money to invest in one or more companies on your behalf.

Here we highlight an example portfolio company, Fern Trading Limited, which is managed by Octopus and wholly owned by investors in Octopus Inheritance Tax Service.

What Fern does

Renewable energy

Generating power across the UK and France from more than 200 renewable energy sites.

Short-term property finance

Providing loans to professional property owners and property developers.

Healthcare lending and operation

Funding the construction of high-quality healthcare facilities.

A breakdown of Fern’s activities

Fern operates in the following sectors.

The chart details Fern’s current business, although this will change over time and may include sectors not shown here.

Share price performance

Fern Trading targets sustainable growth for shareholders over the long term. Find relevant shareholder information by visiting the Fern Trading website.

Next steps

Octopus Inheritance Tax Service

Fern is managed by Octopus on behalf of investors in the Octopus Inheritance Tax Service. You can only buy shares in Fern through this service.

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