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Five promises

  • Promise one: we’ll always remember that it’s your money
  • Promise two: we’ll never treat you like just another customer
  • Promise three: we’ll keep listening to feedback and improving our service
  • Promise four: we’ll put customers first, not profit
  • Promise five: we’ll explain everything simply and clearly


Welcome to the family

Your relationship with us doesn’t end after you’ve made your investment. As an Octopus investor, you can expect to hear from us regularly. Not too often, but just enough to know how your investment is performing. We’ll also keep you informed of any special offers or exciting new areas we’re branching out into.

And if you ever have a question for us, you can call 0800 316 2295 or pay a visit to our Holborn office. We can’t offer you financial or tax advice, but we will try to answer any other questions you have.
We record telephone calls.