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We understand what it’s like to start small. We also know that small charities can make a huge difference in many ways. So, we take the skills and resources at our disposal and we give five brilliant entrepreneurial charities, led by inspirational people, every bit of help we can.

Every Octopus employee receives a volunteer day each year which they can spend working with one of our chosen charities. Together we’ve already donated over 4,000 hours and have pledged a further 7,000 hours for the rest of this year.

What have we achieved?

We’ve raised almost £700,000 for our charities so far – support which has made a huge difference to the small charities we support. This has helped our charities to:

  • Fund additional transformational coaching for up to 75 young people in Hackney.
  • Add another seat on the CALM helpline.
  • Fund the expansion of North and South London Cares and help hire two new co-ordinators.
  • Support the education programme at Greatwood, including the hiring of a new teacher.

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Our charities


CALM helps to prevent male suicide, the biggest killer of men in the UK aged under 45. They do this by offering support to men in the UK, of any age, who are down or in crisis via a national helpline and their website. They also use media and advertising to challenge a culture that prevents men seeking help when they need it. @theCALMzone

North and South London Cares is a volunteer network matching young professionals to imaginative projects to support our older neighbours in need of a little extra time, practical help, social connection and human companionship. @NLCares @SouthLDNCares

GRIT (previously Youth at Risk) believe that all young people, no matter what their start in life, can be the best. They offer intensive coaching and support to the UK’s most vulnerable young people. @grit_2017

Greatwood is the only organisation that uses ex-racehorses to educate disadvantaged children and young adults with special educational needs (SEN). It is the only racehorse welfare charity that does not have a criteria for entry, and they never turn away a horse that is suffering or neglected. @GreatwoodHorses

Beyond Autism provides autistic children with the environment and communication skills they need to lead fuller lives. Children and families living with autism face huge challenges but research shows ‘verbal behaviour’ is the most successful way to help them make real breakthroughs. @BeyondAutismUK