Good relationships are built on trust. The relationship you have with your investment manager shouldn’t be any different.

Since 2000, we’ve earned the trust of 50,000 investors with products that do what we say they will. But there’s something else to consider. Investing with us means you’re also making a contribution to the world around you. We invest in smart, young British companies, helping to create tens of thousands of new jobs. We’re also supporting the shift towards renewable energy and helping to build much-needed healthcare facilities. Because that’s the way it should be.

Products and services

Our investments are designed to help with the everyday financial issues faced by real people. And we want to make a big impact in everything we do.

Market-leading VCTs

Help fund UK smaller companies while claiming income tax relief. Quite a combination.

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Estate planning

Investments that allow you to you pass on more of your wealth, helping you to keep it in the family.

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Multi-manager funds

A blend of some of the best investments in the market. All in one portfolio, managed by experts.

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