The Estate Planning Show

Looking to help more clients with their estate planning? Then these two shows are for you.

One of the things we talk about in the show is how Business Property Relief could be a useful estate planning tool for some clients. When it comes to BPR-qualifying investments, you should remember that the value of an investment, and any income from it, can fall as well as rise.

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Episode One: Positioning estate planning and how to talk about it

This episode covers the IHT landscape and the opportunity it presents for advisers. We look at matching solutions to clients, and how you can identify clients who are likely to benefit from an estate planning conversation.

Episode two: Understanding the detail and writing the business

In this episode, Sally and Nick are joined by Jessica Franks, Octopus Head of Tax, and Rob Skinner, Head of the Octopus Inheritance Tax Service, to look in more detail at how BPR-qualifying investments work.

You asked and we’ve answered

Throughout the show we received hundreds of questions from advisers on the topics we covered. Our Head of Tax Jessica Franks has put together a comprehensive Q&A.

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If you want to know more about Business Property Relief works, or you have a client you think may benefit, get in touch with your local Octopus business development manager.