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We invest in renewable energy sources like solar, wind and energy from waste, as well as ‘smart technology’ and reserve power businesses that are helping to provide flexibility in the energy system.

Our Renewable Energy team manages a £2 billion portfolio of clean energy-generating assets. They are constantly looking to make investments (debt or equity) into energy opportunities that are based on proven technologies, with clear plans in place for generating future revenues and with the ambition to build a business with real scale.

Energy companies we’ve funded

  • Wryde Croft wind farm: we provided construction finance for a 13-turbine project near Peterborough.
  • Melton Renewable Energy (MRE): we acquired MRE, which operates five biomass power plants and 25 landfill gas sites that each convert biological waste matter into electricity. 
  • Lightsource Renewable Energy Limited: our successful partnership with Lightsource has made us the UK’s largest producer of solar energy from commercial-scale sites.

Please keep in mind the potential financing options shown on this webpage may not be right for your company. So, you should always take appropriate advice before making any decision.

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