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We’ve given many companies funding when they’re starting out, and watched some of these companies grow, and grow, and grow. Investors should remember that investing in smaller companies puts capital at risk and they may not get back the full amount they invest.

Down the years, we’ve backed some of the brightest smaller companies out there. Names you might recognise, such as Zoopla Property Group, UK travel company Secret Escapes and SwiftKey – the mobile phone app bought by Microsoft in February 2016. For more information on how we go about finding some of these hidden gems, visit

We also invest in more established smaller companies, like supply-chain specialist SCM World, automotive firm Clifford Thames and healthcare business HST. For more, meet the Intermediate Capital team.

We’re big believers in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) too, which is home to more mature smaller companies that typically are already worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Some of our larger investments include CVS Group plc, GB Group plc, Abcam plc and Young & Co’s Brewery plc. For more information, meet our smaller companies team.