Property financing – the way it should be We’re providing award-winning property finance to thousands of commercial and residential borrowers.

Octopus Property (previously known as Dragonfly Property Finance) has been lending to property investors and developers across the UK since 2009. We provide financing to experienced property professionals across both residential and commercial sectors. All loans are secured against the borrower’s assets – similar to a mortgage – until the loan is fully repaid.

To date, the team has lent more than £2 billion, and while the portfolio of loans is large, each loan is relatively small, with the average being just over £1 million. At any one time, the team has typically 600 loans outstanding. Because of the team’s conservative approach, the number of loans that fail to get repaid is tiny – less than 0.0001% of the money lent to date.

Our lending business has a whole cabinet crammed full of awards. Most recently they were crowned ‘Bridging Lender of the Year 2016’ by specialist publication Bridging and Commercial. For more information about the team, visit

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