Investments built to suit your clients Just tell us how much risk your clients are comfortable taking and we’ll aim to deliver returns that are achievable for that level of risk. Simple.

Investors choose from ten different investment profiles, each aiming to generate the maximum level of return for the amount of risk taken. Investments are diversified and regularly rebalanced across multiple asset classes, regions and funds. There’s no minimum investment, no hidden charges and no undisclosed costs.

Octopus Portfolio Manager is only available through financial advisers. Investors should understand the risks involved before making any investment decisions. For more information, including details of fees, charges and risks, please read the product brochure and other related documents below.

Reasons to consider Octopus Portfolio Manager

We do the hard work: We construct and actively manage portfolios from a wide range of global investment funds and fund managers.

Risk managed: Portfolios are built to reflect the level of risk your client is comfortable with. Their money is always invested in a way that suits their requirements.

Designed with you in mindThere’s no minimum investment, making it suitable for people with investments of all sizes. There are no hidden charges or undisclosed costs, and we’re always transparent about targets, return objectives and pricing.

All the help you needIt’s available either off platform or through a number of platforms. We can map our investment profiles to the output of your selected risk profiling tool, as well as provide suitability paragraphs to help with report writing.

Experienced teamOur multi manager team is responsible for 19 multi manager funds and manages around £1.1 billion.

Octopus Portfolio Manager is an adviser-only product. It is available within ISA and SIPP wrappers. For more information, please read the product brochure.

Explaining the risks

Investors could lose money
Investor capital is at risk, which means the value of their investment, and any income from it, can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the full amount they invested.

Investment markets can be volatile
As the value of markets goes up and down, the value of Octopus Portfolio Manager investments will change too. The extent to which they fluctuate depends on the mix of assets in an investor’s portfolio.

Past performance is no guide to the future
The past performance of an investment is not a reliable indicator of future results. Nor should investors rely on any forecasts made about future returns.

Impact of fees and charges
The performance of investments – and therefore the returns – will be affected by the fees and charges payable for Octopus Portfolio Manager, as well as the costs incurred by investing in the underlying funds that form a client’s portfolio.

Important information

Potential investors should ensure they fully understand the risks involved before making any investment decisions. For more information, or if you’d like to speak to one of our investment managers, get in touch.

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Important information

Nothing on this page constitutes investment, tax or legal advice. This investment may not be suitable for everyone, so we recommend investors speak to a financial adviser, and read the relevant product brochure, before deciding whether to invest. These documents are available on this site.