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General questions

How do I make a complaint?

Making a complaint
Outstanding customer service is at the heart of everything we do. But that doesn’t mean we get it right every time. If our service doesn’t live up to your expectations, or if you have a client where something’s gone wrong, tell us and we’ll fix it. Here’s what you need to do:

Tell us what went wrong
Call us on 0800 316 2298
Send an email to:

Octopus Investments
33 Holborn

What happens next?
It’s important that we’re given the chance to investigate the complaint fully, and then respond in a way that addresses the concerns raised. We’ll always be fair and reasonable in our approach, and wherever possible we’ll improve things so that it doesn’t happen again.

Some complaints can take longer to resolve, but we’ll keep you updated throughout. After we’ve finished investigating the complaint, we’ll get back with a decision and explain how we’ve reached our conclusion. We’ll do this either by phone, email or letter.

Talking to the Financial Ombudsman Service
Where a complaint is raised by you on behalf of your client, if they’re unhappy with our decision and would like to take the complaint further, this can be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service, which aims to resolve disputes between financial services companies and their customers. We’ll send their details along with our written response to the complaint.

I recently attended one of your events that qualifies me for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) – When will I receive my CPD certificate?

You should receive it via email within 48 hours of the event. But don’t worry if you haven’t. Just give us a call on 0800 316 2067 or email and we’ll email it to you.

My client wants to send money in by BACS. Which bank account do they need to send it to?

The bank details vary according to the product you select, so it’s best just to call us on 0800 316 2295 and we’ll talk you through what you need to do. Please send us the completed application form first, so we can match the application with the bank payment.

Can my clients send payment from their business account?

No. The payments need to come from their personal accounts.

One of my clients has passed away – what do I need to send to Octopus in order to take care of their investment?

It’s best to contact our Client Relations team. They’ll be able to help and tell you which documents we need to see. Just email or call 0800 316 2295.

You’ve asked me to verify the identity of one of my clients. What documents do I need to send you?

You need you to send us a completed ID Verification Form (call our Client Relations team to ask for the form) or one each of the following:

  • A certified copy of identification (the client’s passport or driving licence) plus;
  • A certified copy of proof of address, dated in the last three months (driving licence, bank statement or utility bill, but not a mobile phone bill).

These must be certified by yourself or another regulated individual (e.g. solicitor or accountant). The original signature should be on each page of the document (not a photocopy).

Can I order a brochure online?

Yes. Tell us your details and we’ll post them to you. You can also order brochures by sending an email to or calling us on 0800 316 2067.

Can I see my clients’ valuations online?

Yes. Please register here for access to our secure online portal. Alternatively, you can ask us for a valuation by calling 0800 316 2295.

Whistleblowing concerns

If you believe that you have witnessed something which contravenes our standards of personal or business conduct, you can do so by raising a whistleblowing concern. All concerns raised are taken seriously and fully investigated. The identity of staff, suppliers or clients who raise a concern will be kept confidential, and will not be discriminated against in any way as a result of raising an issue. Staff should read the Whistleblowing Policy before contacting to ensure the report is made correctly. Reports can be made by email to or by calling 0800 294 6824.

Inheritance tax questions

Is the Octopus Inheritance Tax Service an Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme (UCIS)?

No. It is a discretionary managed portfolio of shares and does not come under the UCIS rules. This means you can talk to retail clients to determine whether it is suitable for them.

Can my client invest through a Power of Attorney in a product that uses Business Property Relief, such as an Octopus AIM Inheritance Tax Service portfolio?

Yes. Your client would not be giving the assets away, as they would with some trusts, so the attorney is able to make the decision on their behalf.

Venture capital trust questions

Do you facilitate initial and ongoing adviser charging on all your VCT products?

Yes, we do.

How quickly can clients expect to receive a tax certificate after making a VCT investment?

We look to get tax certificates sent out with share certificates no more than three weeks after your client is allotted shares in a VCT.

How often do you value your VCTs?

We undertake valuations for unquoted shares held within a VCT twice a year as part of the interim and final accounts. Our AIM VCTs have an updated net asset value (NAV) announced to the London Stock Exchange weekly. In special circumstances, such as a sale of assets, we may revalue a VCT within this cycle.

Which VCTs are currently open for new investment?

You can find out which of our VCTs are open for investment here.

Remember, VCTs are not suitable for everyone, and investors’ capital is at risk. Please read the full risks on our VCT page.

Enterprise Investment Scheme questions

Why are your EIS products no longer open for new or existing investors?

With more than £500 million invested in EIS we remain the largest EIS manager in the market. But we currently have no plans to raise further funds in our EIS products. The most recent changes to EIS and VCT legislation demonstrate the government’s focus on helping early stage UK companies, which our VCTs are well positioned to support. It just feels like it’s the right time for us to focus on growing our VCTs rather than expanding our EIS products. But we’ll continue to deliver on our commitments to our existing EIS investors.

How long is it before EIS valuations are available each period?

Valuations typically take up to three months and are made available twice a year from the valuation date. EIS investments are in unquoted companies, so we can’t just look up a market price for them. Instead, we use recognised industry standards to value EIS companies. The valuations are then independently verified by an External Oversight Committee.

Do you facilitate initial and ongoing adviser charging on all your EIS products?

Yes, we do.

How long will it take for my client to receive the EIS tax certificates after investing?

We work hard with the companies we invest in, and with HMRC, to obtain the certificates as quickly as possible, but it can take a year or more. If you want to check the progress of a client’s investment, give us a call on 0800 316 2295. You can also check the progress of certificates through our online secure portal.

Octopus Portfolio Manager questions

Where can I see how my client’s investment has performed?

From April 2018 we will post Octopus Portfolio Manager valuations to investors every quarter. You’ll receive a copy of each valuation by email.

You can also review your clients’ portfolios at any time through our secure online portal. Register here.

How can my client make an additional Octopus Portfolio Manager ISA investment?

If your client has invested in an Octopus Portfolio Manager ISA in the current or previous tax year, they can complete an Octopus Portfolio Manager Top Up Form. This will count as a disturbance of any ISA with a commission structure.

If your client has not invested in an Octopus Portfolio Manager ISA in the current or previous tax year, they should complete the Octopus Portfolio Manager Stocks and Shares ISA and ISA Transfer Application Form.

Clients who do not want to disturb an Octopus Portfolio Manager ISA with an existing commission structure should use the Octopus Portfolio Manager Stocks and Shares ISA and ISA Transfer Application Form. They can do this even if they have already invested in an Octopus Portfolio Manager ISA in the current tax year.

Is Octopus Portfolio Manager available on platforms?

Yes. It is available on 7IM, AXA Elevate, Ascentric, Aviva, Novia, Nucleus and Transact.