About Jonathan Digges

As Chief Investment Officer of Octopus Investments, Jonathan coordinates the businesses that make up the fund management group. Most of his time is spent with the leaders of these businesses discussing their strategies, budgets and priorities.

He joined Octopus in 2015 as a Portfolio Manager. Before joining, he had extensive experience in investment banking and helped set up a major newspaper publishing business.

Outside of working for Octopus, Jonathan loves spending time with his family and dog, Barley.

Key facts


Chief Investment Officer of Octopus Investments
Education: University of Oxford
One of four founders of Mecom Group, which grew to €1.5 billion in turnover
Spent eight years in investment banking
Started career as an accountant for Price Waterhouse

Main interests

Cooking, eating and a drink
Squash and the occasional round of golf
Quality time with family

Character traits

Calm and composed

Jonathan’s ReadMe

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